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Brian Holt, Realtor®
Broker Price Opition Resoure (BPOR®)
Short-Sale Foreclosure Resourse (SFR®)

Brian Holt Realty is a local, client centered, knowledge driven real estate brokerage that operates with you, the client, at the forefront of the day-to-day operations. Brian Holt Realty is well known and respected in the community and the brokerage’s philosophies are based on honesty and integrity. As a client centered business, you will receive personal service and be backed by a reputable company.


We implement multi-level marketing strategies that benefit our clients with every transaction. As a broker, Brian Holt has extensive access to information about the communities that are served. This includes, but is not limited to: schools, populations, recreation, entertainment, home values and growth potential. By having local market information and an understanding of local conditions, Brian Holt Realty can more accurately overcome potential obstacles and focus on the unique needs of clients.


The real estate market is always changing and as a result, training sessions and events are attended regularly to further knowledge and insuring a focus on current conditions that affect today's buyers and sellers. This type of training is imperative to be successful in an ever changing market. The goal of the brokerage is to make sure that the special needs of all of our clients are satisfied and at the same time make the process and transactions go as smoothly as possible.

Our company is dedicated to maintaining a professional, trustworthy relationship with our clients. The relationship does not end at the closing table.  The brokerage has continued to build a strong client base by providing support and service after the sale.  Brian Holt Realty is there for you.

Real  estate professionals with a BPOR (Broker Price Opinion Resource) certification have  earned the knowledge and skills  to help accurately price your  BPO orders. By thoroughly evaluating each property and using the  best industry technology, your  BPOR will give you the  confidence that the  resulting selling price is not  a waste of  time or money.

Brian Holt has earned the nationally recognized Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR®) certification. The National Association of REALTORS® offers the SFR certification to REALTORS® who want to help both buyers and sellers navigate these complicated transactions, as demand for professional expertise with distressed sales grows.


The certification program includes training on how to qualify sellers for short sales, negotiate with lenders, protect buyers, and limit risk, and provides resources to help REALTORS® stay current on national and state-specific information as the market for these distressed properties evolves.

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